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From Writer's Digest:
Frank and Paul, I really enjoyed reading the anecdotes. They were well written and easily digestible -- the perfect length for a one-a-day meditation for teachers-- and each gave a thoughtful, non judgmental insight into life in a middle-school classroom. I especially appreciated that you included stories about mistakes you'd made and lessons you'd learned!

Writer's Digest

From Amazon.de
(Text translated from the original text in German, below)
The book Middle Schoolin' is for all students, teachers, parents and all those interested in this necessary subject, which I recommend. These stories are based on true events and written very honestly. There is much to laugh and also to reflect. All of you who read this book will have a lot of fun. It's worth it.
Sabine T., Germany

Von Amazon.de
Das Buch Middle Schoolin' ist für alle Schüler, Lehrer, Eltern und alle die sich für dieses Thema interessieren unbedingt zu empfehlen. Diese Stories sind nach wahren begebenheiten und sehr ehrlich geschrieben. Es gibt viel zum lachen und auch zum nachdenken. Ich wünsche jedem der dieses Buch liest viel Spaß dabei. Es lohnt sich. 

Sabine T., Deutschland

A Book to Read Before You Die!
I got your book yesterday. It is finally in my hand. I started reading it. You know, to tell you the truth. I am not that fond of reading but I do like your book very much. It makes you wanna read another page again and again. I will begin Part 2 soon. I like the stories and moral so much! I am not just telling you this to make you feel good. I'm telling the truth! I finished reading your book and I learned a lot. I just love your book, especially for teachers and parents. I think it should be on a list of "Books to read before you die!" I wish there were more pages when I finished the book and I wish I was in one of your classes when I was a kid! Congratulations, I will tell everyone I know about your book!

A Fan from India

My 12 Year Old Daughter Loves This Book!
Middle Schoolin' is a book that I highly recommend. My 12 year old daughter fell in love with this book and so we had to play "tug of war" before I could wrestle it away to get a chance to read it! She would disappear with this book and only her occasional giggle would remind me that she was still alive! The stories are well written and they transported me back in time to my own childhood. My how times have changed! The authors have done a masterful job of creating unforgettable characters who will touch you and maybe even change you a little. After reading this book, whenever I pass by a school I think of the authors and recall their stories. I also can't help but wish that every child has at least one caring teacher like the authors, Palacio and Rallion. Congratulations and job well done!

Respiratory Therapist

Thank You for Writing This Book!
Finally finished my reading!! Thank you for writing this book about our kids, lots of valuable life lessons for families with young kids. Will be mailing one for my sister in Belize. As a single mother, she could learn a lot on handling and disciplining an 8 year old from your book.


As a new teacher...

As a new teacher at the middle school level, I can relate to many of these stories. This book is a great read for every teacher (new or seasoned) and parent. This book is like Chicken Soup for the Soul: Middle School Life. Best Wishes Mr. Palacio and Mr. Rallion.

Ms P.

I just finished reading Middle Schoolin'

I wanted to let you know that I thought it was very heart warming and entertaining. I found many of the stories funny, fascinating, and in some cases very sad. I never realized that as teachers you also deal with the loss of such young lives. I think you are two warm and caring individuals with tremendous hearts. I think your students are very lucky to have you. I was specially impressed with the honesty and openness with which you both share your feeling and emotions with your readers. I will cherish the book always. Congratulations again! I wish you much success.

Zulema T.

Choral Teacher Agrees
Middle Schoolin’ is an excellent human interest book that will appeal to any reader. As a former middle school choral teacher, I found I can relate to the trials, tribulations, and hilarious truths lurking within the pages. Congratulations Mr. Palacio and Mr. Rallion for writing a book about your teaching experiences that will make the reader alternatively laugh hysterically, cry because of life’s occasional unfairness. You can palpably feel the authors’ pain when being challenged by certain boorish behavior on the part of some unruly students, but still sense the care and love they have for the job, and of course the students. All in all, this book is about real life and is written with simplicity, caring and humor. Thank you Mr. Teo Colon for featuring this wonderful book on your website!


Funny but Real!
I read the book and the short stories are very funny, but real. It deals with the everyday teaching strategies teachers have to deal with. I really love the partnership between Frank and Paul and their students and the lessons learned.
An easy and entertaining read, you will like it too!!

Linda Crawford from www.villageviewpost.com

...proud garifuna!
I would like to comment on the book “Middle Schoolin” that you featured on your website.  I am a proud garifuna from Belize and I would recommend to everyone out there in the world to read this book that is co authored by Frank Palacio.
I found the stories interesting, entertaining and also enlightening.  It brought a lot of memories of the many different experiences growing up while in middle school and I could relate to the stories.
The stories are short, concise and to the point.  There are no long drawn out stories and every story had a message and a deep meaning in the end.  I just could not put the book down when I started reading.

Elia Rose

...a slice of life
This book touches on the sensitive nature of relationships between teenagers and teachers in the educational relationship. Moments of blatant honesty regarding teachers’ frustrations and imperfections expresses the human condition. Enjoy a little slice of life.

Sue Cella

A very inspiring book!
Hi Frank and Paul,
I read your book today and found it very inspiring.  I am going to give it to my sister who teaches science in the Montebello School District. My compliments to you for the kudos you received from other school districts.

Mary Louise

I will keep referring students...
I have turned my Middle School Interns on to your book. I think they are happy to know they are not alone in their first couple of years.
Our Middle School teachers often get forgotten and they have one of the hardest jobs of all in that their students are in between stages. I think some of them could use a teacher resource book that includes ideas for classroom management, incentives, working with colleagues, seeking professional development opportunities for subject specific pedagogy, how to not get lost in such big schools, preparing for a sub including preparing the students for a sub, and the list goes on. Those of us who have worked in the Middle School setting understand how different a dynamic it is from the elementary and high school setting. They need your expertise.
Thank you so much. I will keep referring students. I am thrilled with your work and I hope you also continue writing. So much to share and new teachers are always feeling alone. (Kimberly)
(Dr. Persiani-Becker)
Cal-State-Los Angeles)

I Just Completed...
I just completed my copy if this extremely relevant and entertaining book. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately went to my local library and asked them to get it so that others may get a chance to enjoy it as much as I did. I plan to do the same with the three other libraries that I am a member of as well as recommend it to all my colleagues.

This book deals with every day themes that teachers wrestle with all the time like how to deal with students that steal something which does not belong to them or how to interact with parents, and administrators. I especially enjoyed the last story written by Frank -Vincent the Invincible. Frank was able to portray with sensitivity the impact a student (who through no fault of his own was different from other students) had on the others in his class and how he did not let his circumstance keep him from aspiring to attain his full potential as a human being.

As a substitute teacher in California it gave me a tremendous amount of tools to use with students particularly in Middle School. It also helped me to better understand what my son went through in attending middle school in California. I found the moral of each story to be extremely helpful in attaining further insight into the reflection of the authors. The teaching strategies section was also invaluable in providing practical tips that can be used by any teacher as he/she enters the classroom. In addition the glossary was also extremely useful in understanding terminology used by the teaching profession in California.

This book is inspirational and I encourage all students of human behavior to read it because it has something in it for everyone. They will gain something that they can use in whatever profession they are a part of.

Tim Phillips

Rocklin, California

Just a few weeks ago
I rushed across town to grab my very own copy of Middle Schoolin'!!!
What a pleasure and delightful experience it was to read it!! As a soccer coach myself and former middle school student's parent, I can relate totally with the behavior of the kids and the 50 topics covered in your book, and they transport me back to a time when I had to listen to my two daughter's classroom episodes.
All the stories are not only so well written, but wonderfully appealing especially when the author gave a "Moral of the Story"!!!
I really appreciate the entire concept and formatting of your book.  Please Mr. Rallion, extend my humble gratitude to Mr. Palacio as well. Thank you for enlightening my life with your every day experiences.
Good Luck to you!!!
J.C. Mendoza
Ontario, California

I read your book and loved it
It was hysterical reading about the kids tricks.  But it also made me cry knowing all the trials and tribulations our students live through.  I wish more people were aware of what teachers have to deal with.  I am sure there are many more teachers as you and Frank that believe in our kids and know that many of them can and will be successful and productive adults in life.  Keep up the great work both with the kids and your book. Great reading!!!

Lynda A.

Delightful Collection
Middle Schoolin' is a delightful collection. What immediately came to my mind is the need to do such a compilation, especially as so little is known about what takes place in classrooms until there is something major like a shooting incident. The authors have brought out the human side of the glorious profession called teaching. Excellent Work.


Middle School Stories -- A one-of-a-kind book
This book is written with great sensitivity, humor, and love. The authors give a very realistic look at the state of public schools but they go a step further and their caring and professionalism is evident. These stories will touch you by their sheer, simplicity, directness, and honesty. I was touched to the point of tears. Our poor students of today have so much to deal with. The story about the kid who was shot was really moving. Congratulations to the authors for their vision to write such a book. These stories are sort of like the "Chicken Soup" series, but I prefer them because of the pictures and the moral that follows each story.

Charles Sayers

Will definitely recommend!
I have been Middle Schoolin' since Saturday, LOVE IT. A must for new teachers and refreshing for veterans!!! Will definitely recommend!!!

...got my book and read it....I'm recommended this reading to Parents, Teachers and those with interest or who work with youths...easy reading, informative...love the morals at the end of each story & the caricatures.

I read this book in a matter of a couple of days. Even though I am not a teacher, I am a therapist and was able to glean some useful information regarding working with children. The stories are full of pathos, humor, compassion and they are very relevant. There were times I laughed out loud and there were some tears. It accurately describes life for our middle schoolers and the teachers that labor day in and day out with them I agree with the reviewers who say that it helped them make of their mind to work in middle school because these authors are two dedicated teachers who are inspirational as portrayed by the stories. I happen to know Frank Palacio very well and can personally vouch for his integrity as a teacher and as a human being.

Jermaine Francis

Just the book I was looking for!
A few days ago, I was hesitant as to whether to teach at the middle school level. A friend of mine recommended this book to me, and I ordered it. After reading it I've made up my mind to accept a position as a middle school teacher. This book made me feel as if I was in the classroom, teaching my students. I finished my teaching credential courses, but I feel this books goes beyond book theory and what-ifs. This is the real deal. Kudos to the authors!
Michael F.

Although "Middle Schoolin'" includes 50 stories, they are 50 very amazing short stories, which will not require a lot of your time. Interesting reading and incredible discoveries of how some middle school students behave and how teachers, such as, Frank Palacio and Paul Rallion, have to function day by day. Some humor and some sadness are included. Have your tissue box on hand when reading the "Tragedies and Sadness" part. Some of those stories will probably make you shed a few tears. Excellent book for aspiring and new middle school teachers; possibly for high school teachers as well. Great insight of knowing what to expect, how to handle certain situations and what to do and not to do. Highly recommend college/university professors to add as your assign/supplementary reading to your secondary teaching method classes. Some great discussions and alternatives of handling certain situations can come out of reading "Middle Schoolin'." Great for teachers' reading groups. Don't miss out! Get your book today, if you haven't already.

Carolyn Henley-Johnson

Middle Schoolin is a must read for every teacher k-12.
I stumbled across the book after first visiting the website, www.middleschoolin.com.  I am a parent of a middle school student, and so the information about the book and its title appealed to me instantly.  I ordered the book and read it.  I enjoyed it, very, very much. I have a new found appreciation for teachers!  I will certainly recommend this book to all my parent and teacher friends.  Good job, Mr. Palacio and Mr. Rallion.
Mr. McBurns

I got my hard copy of 'Middle Schoolin'
[ASIN:0595531024 Middle Schoolin': 50 Stories about the Challenges, Humor, and Rewards of Teaching] late on Friday Sept 11.  I have been awaiting my copy.  It grabbed my attention so much so that I finished reading it/gobbling it in a day and a half.  This is a record for me no book has gotten my attention like this one in a long time.

Frank Palacio one of the author is my brother.  For the past five years or so every summer Frank tells us that he is writing a book. So I started thinking oh my gosh I will be forced to read this book and I was dreading the idea. My attention span is such that I only read magazine articles and short motivational readings and stories like from Chicken Soup for the Soul. Once the book was released I immediately ordered my copy after visiting the website www.middleschoolin.com and reading some of the stories.

All the stories were very interesting and at the end the author gave a 'Moral of the Story' sort of a lesson learned.  This was a very good concept.  The book and the stories appeal to everyone especially to new and experienced teachers, parents, students and everyone who have attended a middle school or junior high anywhere. The book grabbed my attention and kept me reading late into the night on Friday and Saturday.  The whole book is well written and semi-autobiographical.  Frank Palacio and Paul Rallion are great authors and story tellers the stories were entertaining, touching and interesting.

Angela P.


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